Vibration Analysis Certification Renewal

Vibration Analysis forms part of Condition Monitoring, as per ISO 18436-1 Condition Monitoring certification is valid for a period of 5 years.

You are able to renew your certification if you can provide verifiable evidence of continued satisfactory work activity in the field relevant to your certification without significant interruption.

The time frame for renewal is 6 months prior to it expiring and up until 6 months after the certification expiration. 

Renewals are commenced and completed using the TMS (Training Management System). Prior to commencing your renewal please log into your student profile using your email address and password to complete the following steps:

  • Agree to your Code of Ethics Agreement, this is the pop-up that appears when logging into the TMS.
  • Ensure the details on your student profile page are current and accurate.
    • If you wish to have a photo included on your wallet card you are required to select yes to this option in your student profile. Please upload a clear photo (jpeg/jpg is the only acceptable format).
    • If you do not wish to have a photo included on your card or fail to make a selection your card will be processed without a photo.  
  • Add your renewal work experience information, this is located in the work experience tab, under the technology related to your certification renewal in your student profile, your details must include a start and end date.
    • If you are unable to update your work experience, please add new work experience details even if you are still employed by the same company.
    • You require 60 months’ work experience in the preceding 5 years, which must be verified by your nominated manager/supervisor/s). 
  • Ensure payment for your renewal has been made using one of the methods available to you;

Once the above tasks have been completed, please go to the Renewals Tab on your student profile.  Please press the "Renew Now" button, this will advise the Renewals Team that you wish to proceed with your renewal.

The Renewals Team will check all of the information available to them, if there is anything missing from your application you will be advised via email. Your renewal application will be finalised once all requirements have been met.

You will receive an email upon completion of your renewal with details on how to access your certificate, wallet card and logos through our digital platform. Your digital certificate and wallet card will be sent to the primary email address listed in your student profile.  If you have opted for a hardcopy certificate and wallet card, this will be sent by DHL courier to the address listed in your student profile.

Your name will then be listed on the Mobius Institute website list of certified analysts for a further 5 years.